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Tigers W 15 - 12
10 Feburary 2018 - KO 16:30 @ KP-1
Club Information

The launch of the club followed in the footsteps of exiled Scots in London who, over a century ago, formed London Scottish FC - widely regarded as one of the greatest success stories in British rugby. Supported by London Scottish, the Hong Kong Scottish team wear the London Scottish badge and share their colours (blue, white and red) as a mark of the relationship.

In 2011, HKRFU wished to form a new Premiership team and approached a group of exiled Scots in Hong Kong to become involved with the existing Nomads rugby club and build on a relationship with London Scottish and the strong Scottish community in Hong Kong. This resulted in the formation of Hong Kong Scottish and in early April 2011, the club was launched, playing in the world famous Melrose Rugby Sevens, the birthplace of Rugby Sevens. The club entered into the domestic Premiership Division for the 2011/12 season.

Hong Kong Scottish runs four men’s rugby sides – Bloomberg Hong Kong Scottish (1st XV), Hong Kong Scottish Nomads (2nd XV) and Hong Kong Scottish Bravehearts (3rd XV) - and Hong Kong Scottish Phoenixes (4th XV) and one women’s rugby team - Hong Kong Scottish Kukris. The club’s home ground in the Shek Kip Mei area of Hong Kong is affectionately known as The Rock.

The club has grown impressively since launch and now boasts more than 500 members (of whom almost 300 are playing members). In addition to rugby, the club is represented by the Stags (football), Nessies, Thistles, Pipers, Whiskies, Highlanders, Unicorns (netball), Claymores (basketball) and Lassies (lacrosse). The club has also developed partnerships with local charities including The Hub and Changing Young Lives Foundation. Regular events give players and coaches the opportunity to teach local children from Shek Kip Mei and Sham Shui Po districts about rugby and a healthy lifestyle.

Hong Kong Scottish are currently sponsored by business news provider Bloomberg, who have backed the club since the start of the 2014/15 season.


Hong Kong Scottish International Players


Craig Wilson                                                                             Lachlan Chubb

2 Caps                                                                                     10 Caps


 Charles Cheung                                                                 Dave Whiteford

10 Caps                                                                              4 Caps



Jack Parfitt                                                                    John Aikman

20 Caps                                                                           6 Caps



Rosie Fong                                                                 Jamie Pincott

                                                                                    2 Caps


Lex Kaleca                                                                Dennis Chang

9 Caps                                                                         2 Caps



Mike Parfitt                                                             Marcus Ramage

1 cap                                                                          2 Caps


          Kyle Sullivan                                                           Kane Boucaut       

  9 Caps                                                                       3 Caps



Conor Harltey

      3 Caps        


Hong Kong Scottish Life Members


John Bruce

Peter MacDonald

Jim Walker

Greig Saunders

David Bruce

Robert McGregor

Dave Whiteford

Peter Reed

Marshall Byres

Graham Moore

Craig Wilkinson

Mike Moir

Neil Cunningham

Ken Morrison

Lucy Wilkinson

Neil Roberts

Jacqui Donaldson

Craig Murphy

Leighton Duley

George McKay

Graeme Duncan

Martin Murray

Christine Scullion

Jan Blaauw

Roy Kinnear

Marie Saunders

Iain Waugh

Sandy Dudgeon

Andrew Lupton

Stewart Saunders MBE

Andrew Henstock

Jimmy Gibson

Sam Houston

Andrew Weir MBE

Niall Macleod

Alan Macdonald

Andrew Ross

Iain Bruce

Alan McTaggart

Stephen Mercer

Emma Mercer

Paul Wallace

Andrew Erikson

David Owens

Grant Jamieson

Gary Ogilvie

Craig Wilson

Stuart Roseman

Vincent Connor

Stephen Lai

Steve Wong

Bruce MacDonald

Euan McLeod

 Bruce Stinson 

Donald Nimmo

 Douglas Fergusson

Arrann Young

Rory McAlpine

 Paul McSheaffrey

Brian Stevenson

Angela McSheaffrey

James Chattock